Article: ​16 Surprising Reasons You’re Stressed at Work


This article hit home for me! I have been soooooo stressed at work. From dealing with a micromanager needing constant connection to working in an environment that has waaaay to many racist issues (pink elephants everywhere) to feeling like I will not develop professionally because too many people hold each other back from change and progress to feeling depleted every morning when I wake up at the thought of going into work. Stressed because I feel like I can’t say shit without it being used against my Black woman ass. My character has already been called into question by the micromanager. Stressed because I am not looking to share my personal life at work and I can tell it’s a problem for certain white people. I get  anxiety instantly when the micromanager calls my name… I’m wondering how long will this 5 min convo last and what does he have to “bring to my attention now” and what questions he’s going to ask about my feelings and if he is going to say “maybe this can be an area of improvement for you” simple shit like my door being cracked with  large window on that bitch and still being told I come across as unwelcoming and it’s an open door policy here. Wait, open door policy does not mean barge the fuck in without saying hello or allowing someone 1 fucking minute to wrap up what they are doing. Geesh!

As you can read, I sit with this shit toooooo much and it’s to the point where I have lost my enthusiasm and motivation for this shit.

Woo saaaah.

​16 Surprising Reasons You’re Stressed at Work

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