Article: Attention Fellow Introverts: It’s Time to Stop Beating Ourselves Up


This article could not have come at a better time in my life. I am so in the zone and just want to be alone right now. I find it difficult explaining that to my family and friends especially when they are in need or want something.
I just don’t want to be asked questions of ‘why’ or ‘what’s wrong?’. I’m tired of trying to explain something just because someone is uncomfortable or “concerned’ about me. I just want to retreat without having to explain myself. But of course, I struggle with this. I’m always there for anyone who needs me. I sacrifice myself and my health- I’m the last person I think about when others need me. Now… I’m burned out. Beyond burned out. I’m struggling to do things for myself that is not pertaining to work. My self-care game is not where I would like it to be. And frankly, I’ve lost my motivation. I put on a good front but deep down finding motivation to do for myself is extremely difficult. How can I do for myself like I do so willingly for others?
I am in need of a sabbatical retreat with self. I know that may sound isolating or what not but I just want to go away – far away – for as long as I need and don’t tell anyone or answer to anyone. I feel this way even stronger now than ever. Maybe turning 30 will give me that chance. But hell, I’m trying to that NOW!

Attention Fellow Introverts: It’s Time to Stop Beating Ourselves Up

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