Free Thought: Appreciating the Void


In the Void and appreciating it…

There comes a point in every individuals life where you begin to reflect. In that moment, it is most important to remain still and silent. The silence provides the space to just be. It’s not about doing, it’s all about being. While a person is in the space of void, do not take anything they do personally and definitely do not make assumptions. Change happens and best believe that is already a challenge for the person in the void. The void has revealed to me what I have been undermining and ignoring for so long: it’s time to do me HOW I SEE FIT. It’s time to take care of myself FIRST and FOREMOST. It’s time to HONOR the boundaries I set for myself. During this period, I expect to lose people. And I have finally accepted that it’s OK and it’s not my fault. I expect people to be upset and say shit like “you are not like the TiElla I know”. And I will confidently and happily with lots of love say to myself: “Who gives a fuck about the TiElla you knew, I’m evolving Mitch.” Yes, EVOLVING. And if you don’t like it: TOO FUCKING BAD! GO DO YOU (like you been doing without my two cents added).

The keyword in evolve is: Love. I am working on being in love with myself. Loving myself unconditionally. Loving the good, the bad, the ugly, the resentment, every nasty feeling I have felt and feel. I’m feeding it all with love! I am going to love me by any means necessary. No one’s love can substitute the love I need and have to have for myself. I am going to be so selfishly in love with myself that I have no time to worry about others and what they want from me. If it makes them uncomfortable, it’s not anything I have to deal with. I’m OVER putting others before myself. I’m over denying my feelings and withholding my truth. I’ve over being the architect of the prisons that is holding back my inner self. I take full accountability and responsibility for the choices and actions I have implemented in my life. I am where I am and no one outside of myself is responsible. Ase.


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