As a Black Woman Professor, I agree.


This article speaks volumes to me. As an Adjunct Professor, I often wonder about whether or not I want to shoot for Tenure. I’m not Good at status quo’in.

When I was in 25, I said to myself I want to be a Professor who teaches full time. I envisioned myself as this prominent Black woman Professor who will teach great things and be respected for the work I contribute.  As time went on, I came to the conclusion that that path isn’t the path I want to take. It’s laced with too much institutional hindrances for my integrity & time. That may sound like “pedestal” talk, but it’s not. I choose what path I want to walk down. That’s the power I have.

The list in this article on the issues that a young black woman Professor faces, I can definitely attest to. I definitely heard this semester (my first semester taught), that I do not look like a Professor, nor do I act like one. For me, that was a compliment. I was being myself and that was noticed by my students in a Good way. It actually made class just a bit more breathable for us all.

There are so many boxes that I just don’t fit into. Why suffocate myself trying to operate like the status quo? I have my own style of teaching that I will never compromise. I may not have been a Professor for long, but I’ve been a Teacher in my own right for over 10 years. I may be 28, but my work speaks for itself. And frankly, I’m tired of feeling like I have to explain myself to those who may look down upon me or have those opinions that they so freely impose and project onto others.

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3 thoughts on “As a Black Woman Professor, I agree.

  1. And amen to your self discovery. I haven’t read article yet but I love what you’re syaing here. It goes back to your thesis performance. You are right in every way. We don’t need to conform and weren’t meant to conform. We were meant to be what God intended for us to be. I pray you an abundance in health, wealth and strength for the difference you will make in many lives. Love you sis. Always in your corner!❤️

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