Let’s Do This Shit


Life has definitely been what life has been.
I’m excited to say that I’m understanding myself more and more. I’m just working on not murdering myself with negative shit, words, thoughts, etc.

I had the greatest revelation today:
I am exactly where I need to be and I am so close to a breakthrough.

I have had many moments where (and still do and there may be more to come) I just can’t see the positive side to things going on around me that I find to be draining and negative. This is a moment where I can see the positive side to all that is occurring right now. I know I am in a “purging” phase. Ridding of shit that no longer works for me.

This Saturn’s Return is definitely shaking my ass up and forcing me to put myself first once and for all! I’m writing a little more in scattered forms but at least I’m sharing my thoughts and engaging my voice.

I Will because I Am.

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One thought on “Let’s Do This Shit

  1. Believe it or not, I felt this way a few days ago! It was like an inner calling and a revelation, when you’ve exhausted all of the negative thoughts and FINALLY you can acknowledge there is a purpose to it all. Its like you say to yourself “I’ve had enough.” And as the universe would say, we are ALL where we need to be. The more we remove ourselves from negative outside influences– the closer we are to internal peace. Good luck on the break-through, ill be here to witness it!

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