Seriously? Where’s the integrity?


Excuse me while I go from SpokenIntellect to RawlySpoken.

(We all have alter egos)

So, this morning as I dig through some of my daily news, I come across this from MediaTakeOut. (Let’s address the why I go to that site another time, lol) They were showing some of the WORST and best costumes of Halloween 2014. And I must say, I saw some shit but these here definitely sparked a thought.

With the recent coming out of Ray Rice incident… my mouth just dropped at these pictures. I do want to say though, I am not surprised. I expect it coming from certain white folks in this country with a certain mentality.  A spade is a spade. What I do find fucked up is the generational differences in these photos. Personally, it’s like instilling racism in children and children are not born RACIST. It’s what they learn from the ADULTS around them. Shout out to the ignoramuses who are going to make their appearances this HOLLOWeen.

What is right with these pictures?

Halloween_Costume9 Worst_Halloween2


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