African-American Females and Suspension


I agree with this article. And I can feel that young woman’s frustration.

I remember an incident in elementary school where I could have been suspended twice. But in each case, I was defending myself against someone who had a reputation of being ‘problematic’. In the 3rd grade I got into a fight with my suppose “best friend”.

Another Black girl.

Long story short…
Incident #1: She pulled my hair and we fought.
Incident #2: She pulled my hair and had another girl team up with her.

In both cases, the principal heard both sides and judged accordingly.

I wonder if she was she was white with the same reputation, would that have been the case? Would I have been suspended?

Buuuuut then again, from my principal to the teachers to the janitors and lunch ladies, they look like me. I was surrounded by Blacks and Latinos and Afro-Latinos. The people looked like me from top to bottom. I was surrounded by a setting that reflected who I was culturally. I had wonderful examples of leadership. I felt supported. Even in the case of the girl who I fought with, she transfered to another school but not an alternative school.

Nowadays… I’m seeing more and more especially in urban schools,  the teachers are not only white but sooo young. I’m not saying I did not have white teachers but they were introduced during my middle school years and they were older (in their 30’s). What I’m suggesting from the article is that, there is a disconnect that is happening between white teachers and students of color. I think the system is stuck and starting to revert back into some funky ways.



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