Hmmm… same thing I’ve been thinking about.


While surfing Facebook, I come across this article from Why We Must Find Space for the Activism of Black Women Academics. While reading this article, it brought me back to my experience during grad school and the topics of my study Black Women, Reclaiming Voice, Self-Exploration, Storytelling, etc. My thesis, Sister Writers Immersing Fully in Truth (S.W.I.F.T.): Using Creative Writing to Reclaim Voice, Speak Truth, and Shape Identity as a Woman of African Descent Living in America is about understanding how young women of color in 2013 define their identities, frame their voice and self-express through the use of creative writing. It is important because throughout many generations’ women of color in America, particularly Black women, have struggled with finding a platform in which they can define their identity, frame their voice and self-express.

While reading the article from For Harriet, it highlighted for me what I am battling with even on the creative end as a writer, spoken word artist, & speaker and now adding the letters M.Ed. after my name, geesh–another battle added. It made me think about the writer’s group I started over the summer S.W.I.F.T. Movement (Sister Writers Immersing Fully in Truth).  I started this group because I feel like I there is not a space for Black women in Boston to come together and share their stories and writing with women who look like themselves– particularly in a space that is non-competitive. I am only competitive with myself. When it comes to my art, I do not believe in competing. I am looking for support and upliftment. Maybe even a little guidance from time to time.

Any who, I appreciate this article because I know that if there is something that does not exist, you must create it yourself.

You can find the For Harriet article below:


You can follow S.W.I.F.T. Movement on Facebook: www.facebookcom/movementswift


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