Morning Reflection


Today I am hoping for a better day because yesterday still has a bitter taste in my mouth. I’m not going to front… yesterday pissed me the f**k off.

I left my buspass at home which meant I was going to have to walk home from work. I get to work only to realize that the materials I need to conduct workshop are locked up at another site that I didn’t have access to until 4pm. For workshop, no one was at the space when I showed up so I had to make a quick decision to not let a day go to waste. The decision I made apparently didn’t sit well with my supervisor, so I was talked over and wasn’t listened to all because of “jumping to conclusions” without asking the proper questions. And to top off yesterday, my hoop earring fell out of my ear and rolled into the street and got ran over by a car.

Sooo, to be brutally honest I am not looking forward to work today. I spent yesterday after work expressing to my best friend how I truly feel about the position I am in, in my life right now, especially work. I realized after that conversation that if I do not speak up for myself, I will continue to be talked over and ignored and have assumptions projected onto me because my supervisor does not take a moment to actively listen. Yes, there, I said it.

I am bothered by the way my supervisor communicates. I have been noticing that they cut me off everytime I am trying to express something. To call my phone and assume I didn’t do something and tell me how unacceptable something is without first hearing all the details frustrated the hell out of me greatly. Geesh. I can’t even get a full sentence out before I am cut off. I get like 5 seconds to speak and then all of sudden they magically know what I was going to say or magically know how I’m feeling so they got a statement prepared on behalf of the seven words I got to utter out of my mouth.

Aaarrrgghhh, that’s how I feel about dealing with today. I just don’t give a damn.

So today, let’s see.


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