Slowing Down



I found myself aware of myself. Aware of my mood. Aware of when I allow things out of my control to control my reaction.

That’s a problem as well…


I want the self-discipline I know I can have that will allow me to Respond to things. I waste so much of my precious energy allowing myself to react. I know I allow external circumstances especially ones that are out of my control to control my emotional responses. I just assumed I’m overly passionate, lol.


I want to practice patience with myself, with others and with my surrounding environment. I want to work smarter instead of harder. Hence the resaon why I find myself burnt out so often. I want to take deep breaths when I feel I’m about to let a situation get the best of me-especially those out of my control. Yesterday, I was so frustrated, I went to the nearby park and got on a swing. I just felt the air blow on my skin and I went back and forth. The clouds in the sky were extremely beautiful. The birds chirping behind me were creating music for the whole time I was swinging. The church bells went off. I gave myself a moment to regroup by grounding myself in that present moment.

It felt sooooo good.

Then I went to the gym. The first time in over a month. And that folks, felt damn good. I felt all of the days negative energy burn off and as the sweat started to accumulate.

That definitely inspired me and also has me in a relaxing mood this afternoon.

Mindfulness. Being in the moment. Learning how to listen to myself. Being kind to myself. Patience.


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