Rest In Paradise Mama Maya


Dr. Maya Angelou Passes Away at age 86


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Today, a legend has left this earth but not without leaving an impact. As a woman of African descent born and living in America who is also a writer, poet, activist, storyteller, womanist, educator… the loss of Dr. Maya Angelou touches my heart deeply. Her passing has left me in a state of appreciation. It has allowed me to reflect on the space that I am in and reminding me that my voice and my story matter. Dr. Angelou grew up during a time period that called for voices like hers even if the society around you wants to deny you that opportunity. She made a way- She created a way- utilized a platform that would allow her to tell her story. Writing! Storytelling! Poetry! Speaking!

Dr. Maya Angelou your physical presence will be missed and your legacy will never be forgotten. You have paved way for young, black, women like myself to speak our truth and embrace our voice and stories.

You were always the expert of your experience! Thank you for letting me know that I am the expert of mines. It’s time to speak my truth, shape my identity and reclaim my voice- immersing in my truth, authentically!!!


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