Not Exactly the Greatest News I Wish to Hear As a Recent African American Graduate


The Unemployment Issue: African Americans with College Degrees Are Twice  As Likely to be Unemployed as Other Graduates

As a recent Master’s Degree owner, who is African-American and a womyn… this is something that brings me great concern. Especially when i have 80 grand in debt to pay back and am concerned with having a job that would compensate me enough to live and pay back my abusive greedy partner who unfortunately I felt I had to borrow from in order to make my dreams come true. No, let me correct myself: …I felt I had to borrow in order to look good on paper. I will have a relationship I do not want in my life at all with the one and only: Sallie Mae. I also look at the field in which I am a expert in and realize that it is not as popular as it should be. But then again, I did not want to join a program only to repeat the same cycle that is out there. I wanted to do something different. And my graduate school allowed me to do just that.

This should not be an issue to begin with. Choosing to further your education shouldn’t feel like such a burden. Nor should it be such a burden when it comes to the financial aspect. And then to add on top of that, the race issue. Geesh.


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