I have become accustomed to silencing my voice.
Tucking my truth in the cracks of the ground,
in hopes that when it rains,
it will make safe way down a drain.
My silence is music to the ears of the status quo
but deafening to my spirit—
Emptiness echoes loudly internally.
I am afraid that if I speak, my voice will become invalid.
Forcefully shoved and tucked away in society’s back pocket
and made to become skeletons in my closet.
Who cares about the story that the Black girl has to tell?

Silence is the garment I drape myself in, in order to feel protected.
Fear is the food I feed myself because hope is too much to afford.
I fear I cannot be myself in peace.
I know that remaining silent is costly—even deadly.
But what about speaking up and aloud?
Artificiality has portrayed itself to be more rewarding than authenticity.
What does it mean to be both Black and female in America?

By TiElla Grimes


2 thoughts on “TRUTH

  1. Interesting dynamic, as we are told from adolescence to speak the truth at ALL times. However, as we develop and mature we encounter situations where the truth can be the most damaging to psyches. What shall we do? Sit with tongues tied, to protect hindering of any kind? Or speak it regardless in a manner to which is not as detrimental.
    Amazing read. As always, I love you and your writing!

    • 😀 xoxox Thanks Sis! How interesting it is to navigate through contradictions in which many pretend do not exist. The questions you asked are the questions that I asked myself and am in the process of answering. I wonder how many of us get to that place within ourselves.

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